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  • Sci-Tech December 3, 2023

    Can a robot outplay the Chinese at ping pong?

    This video shows fancy ping-pong robot, a calligraphy writing machine, a giant AI model, smart glasses and a digital avatar. They are among the exhibits in the Digital Technology zone at the first China Int'l Supply Chain Expo, demonstrating how digital technology can transform our lives.

  • Economy December 3, 2023

    From bloom to boom: A little cotton flower's journey

    From bloom to boom: A little cotton flower's journey

  • Around China December 4, 2023

    Pioneering health innovations at China Int'l Supply Chain Expo

    Delicious food for healthy weight loss, magical sleep enhancer and hi-tech dental clinic. Watch this video and have a trip of pioneering health innovations at China Int'l Supply Chain Expo.

  • Economy December 1, 2023

    From sunbeam to supercharge: Exploring China's breakthroughs in clean energy

    Did you know that a beam of light can make our life so much cleaner? Come with Jason to the clean energy section of the China Int'l Supply Chain Expo and see how a beam of light is converted into electricity to illuminate thousands of households.

  • Economy November 30, 2023

    How a carmaker in China rolls out an EV every 30 seconds

    This video shows why Tesla China could manage to roll out an EV within some 30 seconds. The well-established supply chain system in China can help tell the reason. The China Intl Supply Chain Expo is being held in Beijing from Nov. 28 to Dec. 2.

  • Around China November 27, 2023

    Fly over newly-opened Lijiang-Shangri-La railway

    A railway linking the cities of Lijiang and Shangri-la, two well-known tourist destinations in southwest China's Yunnan Province, opened to traffic on Sunday.

  • Belt & Road November 27, 2023

    Xinjiang land ports play robust role amid efforts to expand opening up

    Xinjiang took a historic leap recently with the inauguration of a pilot free trade zone (FTZ), China's 22nd pilot FTZ and the first-ever in the country's northwestern border regions.

  • Environment November 22, 2023

    Nature reserve in east China becoming paradise for int'l migratory birds

    The Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve in Dongying, east China's Shandong Province, has become a paradise for migratory birds, thanks to continued efforts in wetland conservation and increasing use of technology.

  • Around China November 22, 2023

    China Buzzword: Greetings and care at the Light Snow

    "No wonder the rainbow is disappearing, because the Light Snow is coming." Join Xinhua Correspondents Liu Jie and Zhang Xinyi to visit Shouguang City, Shandong Province, China's biggest vegetable production base, to find out what people eat during the Light Snow, the second solar term in winter.

  • Culture November 16, 2023

    Keywords to understand China: Global Civilization Initiative

    Einar Tangen is an American living and working in China. In his video, he offers an introduction to the Global Civilization Initiative by explaining its goals, examining its core concepts, and helping us understand how it relates to the essence of Chinese culture.

  • International Exchanges November 15, 2023

    China's role hailed as APEC meetings get underway

    Observers from various countries have spoken highly of China's role in promoting peace and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region, as the APEC meetings get underway in San Francisco.

  • International Exchanges November 13, 2023

    A friendship that endures: Flying Tigers veterans' visit enhances friendship between China, US

    "The Flying Tigers spirit is an example of how the United States and China can overcome great challenges together ... Only when people meet and communicate more can they understand each other and avoid misunderstandings," said Flying Tigers veteran Harry Moyer, aged 103, during his recent visit to China.

  • Around China November 10, 2023

    Traveling in China

    Join us as we talk about the numerous attractions in China and discuss why it stands out as an ideal choice for your next travel destination.

  • Economy November 10, 2023

    China's import expo concludes with reaffirmation of openness

    The sixth China International Import Expo (CIIE) concluded in Shanghai on Friday. The expo was China's latest signal that it will continue to share its opportunities with the rest of the world.

  • Culture November 8, 2023

    Nanjing city wall: From Ming Dynasty to modernity

    Follow us on a tour of the Nanjing city wall and learn about the history and culture behind it.

  • Culture November 8, 2023

    Inheritance and persistence at the Beginning of Winter

    The Beginning of Winter is the first solar term in winter. Let's join Xinhua Correspondent Liu Jie to explore the season at an ancient observatory, believed to be the birthplace of the 24 solar terms, in Dengfeng City, central China's Henan Province.

  • Sci-Tech November 7, 2023

    Sci-tech empowering rural transformation 2023: Way forward

    Driving transformation, especially in rural areas, requires more than just technology. It means ensuring that young people in every community feel heard, supported and empowered.

  • International Cooperation November 6, 2023

    China import expo shines spotlight on enhanced openness, win-win cooperation

    "It is a wonderland of cooperation." From foreign government officials to exhibitors, attendees at the 6th China International Import Expo have spoken highly of the opportunities offered by the expo.

  • Belt & Road November 1, 2023

    China XYZ: The Belt and Road Initiative

    Join us as we explore the decade-long journey of the BRI, its transformative effects on global trade, infrastructure, and people-to-people ties.

  • Environment October 31, 2023

    China's Blue Circle initiative wins UN highest environment award

    The United Nations Environment Program on Monday honored China's Blue Circle environmental initiative with the 2023 Champions of the Earth award, the UN's most prestigious environmental recognition, for its innovative marine plastic treatment technology.

  • Belt & Road October 18, 2023

    A railway that unlocks countless opportunities

    In Laos, we have met the young and buoyant Sida Phengphongsawanh. In Dec. 2021, the China-Laos Railway fully entered into service. The railway that spans over 1,000 km unlocks countless opportunities for residents along the route. Sida fulfilled her wish of becoming a railway maintenance worker.

  • Belt & Road October 17, 2023

    BRI: A decade witnessed from above

    The changes brought about by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the past decade have been so transformative that they are not only striking to our naked eyes but clearly visible in the satellite images. Check out the video to get a glimpse from space of this down-to-earth initiative.

  • Belt & Road October 17, 2023

    How has BRI transformed Africa?

    In an interview with China Chat host Miao Xiaojuan, American Prof. William Brown of Xiamen University explains how China has shared its own development experience with Africa and helped the continent blossom through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

  • Belt & Road October 16, 2023

    The Way Together: Higher and faster with Belt and Road

    How to build infrastructure for the future? How to build with more efficiency, while also taking into consideration environmental, economic and social factors? Here we've got some clues.

  • Belt & Road October 16, 2023

    What is the BRI?

    This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, or BRI. But what is the BRI, and why is it a "path of happiness"? Xinhua correspondents break down the facts and figures...

  • Belt & Road October 13, 2023

    China-Europe freight trains offer cross-border package delivery

    Recently, a French reporter took a quick trip to Yiwu. Here, he finds that the Belt and Road Initiative "is making the unimaginable a reality"! Click the video and start the discovery journey with him.

  • Belt & Road October 12, 2023

    Sound of Belt and Road

    Listen to the beautiful voice and music of people from different countries. It's the Sound of Belt and Road.

  • Belt & Road October 11, 2023

    China releases white paper on Belt and Road cooperation

    China's State Council Information Office on Tuesday released a white paper titled "The Belt and Road Initiative: A Key Pillar of the Global Community of Shared Future."

  • Belt & Road October 10, 2023

    BRI in 10 years: Chinese-built modern railway in Kenya fosters long-term growth, peace

    Since its launch six years ago, the Chinese-built Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) has been a catalyst for transformation in Kenya, helping boost the mobility of people, goods and services and contributing to long-term growth and peace in the region.

  • Environment October 9, 2023

    Climate change

    As China embarks on a journey toward green growth, we examine its measures in confronting the climate crisis and its expanding role in global climate response.

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